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Mike Morrison, your Real Estate Investing instructor
Our Real Estate Investing Instructor, Mike, and a student evaluating a home property.
Mike and his student, Brandon, walking down a hallway discussing Real Estate Investing
One of our students, Leland, standing in front of an investment home property.
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Real Estate Investing

with Mike Morrison
Real Estate is the best path to long-term wealth available on the planet.

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“Anyone who is thinking about jumping into the investing career, please look into Real Newbies!”
5 Star Rating
Amber Williams
Real Newbies Student
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“Since I've joined Real Newbies, they've been right there with me.”
5 Star Rating
Letron Brantley
Real Newbies Student
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“I genuinely believe Real Newbies is helping their community from the heart.”
5 Star Rating
Brandon Dollar
Real Newbies Student
Real Newbies is teaching students about generational wealth and financial literacy.
Charlamagne Tha God
Radio Presenter, Television Personality, Actor, and Author
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